Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada that Are In-Demand

Having a work offer is the best approach to relocate to Canada. If you possess a valued skill, there is already a place for you in Canada. It is even better if your particular skill is in high demand because it will make the immigration process much simpler and less stressful.

The driving force behind immigration is Canada’s high appreciation for skilled immigrants. Canada opened its doors to immigrants from all over the world, giving everyone the chance to live, work, and base permanently in Canada in an effort to strengthen the nation’s economy and other aspects of the country.

A skilled trader is someone who has a particular ability and understanding about a particular occupation; they are people who have the chance to work with their hands and make a significant amount of money every day. Anybody with specialized expertise for a particular occupation, such as an electrician, a cook, a caretaker, a sales representative, etc., might be considered a skilled trader. You can come to Canada as a skilled tradesperson in a variety of ways, even without a degree or a work offer.

Having a work offer, however, can give you a distinct advantage over other applicants because there are so many competent traders who, like you, are eager to relocate to Canada. To find out how to quickly receive a job offer from a Canadian firm, read this article.

Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada that Are In-Demand

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Programs to Assist Skilled Traders Relocate to Canada

Moving to Canada will be much simpler for you because you already possess the talents that Canada requires. Depending on the occupation where there is a labor shortage, different provinces in Canada have varying demands for immigrants; some have a greater need for caretakers, cooks, heavy equipment mechanics, etc.

The Canadian government has also launched a plethora of initiatives, the main goal of which is to hire qualified traders to fill open positions. The Federal Killed Trades Worker Program, a component of the Canada Express Entry system, is one of these initiatives.

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Immigrants are sponsored or asked to apply to the federal skilled trades worker program through express entry, immigrate, and settle permanently in Canada. Scores are assigned to applicants depending on things like age, education, employment history, etc. They will be ranked in order of their scores, and those who get the required score will be invited to immigrate to Canada.

Applying directly to a Canadian province is a fantastic additional method of immigration. By doing so, you can take advantage of the Provincial Nominee Program in the province of your choice or in the province where your specific set of skills is in high demand. Each province develops a distinct program, similar to a subcategory under its Provincial Program, with specifics to only admit immigrants who fit the proper profile and possess the skills that the province is currently seeking. The Ontario Skilled Trade Stream is an illustration of such a category.

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Top Demanded Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada

  • Construction manager: $40 per hour on average
  • Electricity line technician: $38.46 per hour on average
  • Oil and Gas Driller: $38 per hour on average
  • Pipefitter: $36 per hour on average
  • Industrial electrician: $33.19 per hour on average HVAC mechanic: $31.75 per hour on average
  • Heavy duty mechanics make an hourly average compensation of $32 for residential or commercial work.
  • Plumber: $30 per hour on average
  • Civil engineering technician: $28.50 per hour on average
  • Carpenter: $25 per hour on average Welder: $25 per hour on average
  • Automotive Mechanic: $24 per hour on average