Tencent QQ – QQ Instant Messaging Software Service.

Tencent QQ – QQ Instant Messaging Software Service., A web portal and instant messaging service are both provided by Tencent QQ. It was Tencent Holdings Ltd who created QQ Software.

A Chinese international investment holding firm called Tencent Holdings Limited is also present. In China and around the world, this corporation focuses in a range of Internet-related services and goods, entertainment, artificial intelligence, and technology.

The following languages are supported by QQ: Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Laotian.
Beyond China, where the majority of its users are located, Tencent QQ is successfully growing its user base.

Tencent QQ -  QQ Instant Messaging Software Service.

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QQ provides the following services:

  • online social games
  • music, shopping
  • blogging
  • movies
  • voice and group chat software
  • and microblogging

There are versions of this software for Windows, Android, and iOS.

With the release of the QQ International client for Windows, QQ started to spread its services overseas in 2009.

In September 2013, QQ International’s Android app was made available.

  • A mobile operating system is called an Android.
  • The business that created Android is Google Inc.
  • Based on a modified Linux kernel and other open-source software, this mobile operating system. It is primarily
  • made for touchscreen mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

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Although QQ International for iPhone and iOS devices was made available towards the end of 2013.

A mobile operating system is iOS. The company that created it is Apple Inc. So, a large number of the company’s mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, are powered by this operating system. After Android, it is the second most popular mobile operating system worldwide.

Even though Tencent QQ was originally made available in China in February 1999, as of April 2014, the QQ network had more than 200 million subscribers. Similarly, by June 2016, there were 899 million active users.

A proprietary software is QQ.
This indicates that Tencent, the publisher, still owns all intellectual property rights, including copyright for the source code and possibly patent rights.
The website is ranked as the 7th most popular website in the world by Alexa.

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Tencent QQ’s features.

Users can send each other photos, videos, and audio messages in addition to text messages.
Also, users can use the Qzone interface of the client to exchange multimedia files with all of their contacts.

Tencent QQ also enables you to:

  • Inbox, group-mail folder, personal folders, and other POP account folders can all be conveniently managed for emails.
  • You may use apps on your phone to open attachments or see them online.
  • Lookup emails across all folders or just one.
  • With QQmail, you may send files and images from your phone.
  • Using business email accounts, access emails.
  • Data updates are synchronized between computers and your phone.
  • Instantly receive new mail notifications.

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In conclusion, Tencent QQ, usually referred to as QQ, is an online portal and instant messaging service. In addition to social media, this software offers group and voice chat, online social games, music, shopping, microblogging, movies, and tools for microblogging. One of the most popular social networks worldwide, especially in China. This social network offers a website as well as a mobile app that can be used on iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. In the meantime, the website or software application enables registered users with related interests to connect and pursue a shared passion. Also, registered users have full control over managing and editing their accounts.

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