Most Popular Social Media – An Overview of Top 18 Most Used Social Network.

Most Popular Social Media – An Overview of Top 18 Most Used Social Network., The topic of this discussion is the most widely used social media worldwide.

Are you worried about the biggest social media platforms and their ratings? You are in the right place if the answer is yes.

Most Popular Social Media - An Overview of Top 18 Most Used Social Network.

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Because you may be a social media marketer, business owner, investor, academic, politician, preacher, etc., this review is crucial and vital for you. This review puts you in front of the billions of individuals who could end up being your future clients, viewers, supporters, etc. Also, it will assist you in choosing the appropriate social media platform and audience to target. Furthermore. For instance, some social media networks might not be widely used or might not be accessible in your country or in the languages you like. You must read this evaluation before choosing a specific social media site to invest in or engage with potential consumers, audience, supporters, followers, etc.

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Statistics on usage and membership By Statista.

Name Of Social Media Number Of Users In Million Type of Social Media.
1. Facebok 2,375 News, social networking service.
2. YouTube 2,000 Video hosting service
3. WhatsApp 1,600 Instant messaging and social media
4. Facebook Messenger 1,300 Instant messaging and social media
5. WeChat 1,112 Instant messaging client and social media
6. Instagram 1,000 News, Instant messaging and social media
7. QQ 823 Instant messaging
8. QZone 572 Social network service
9. Tik Tok 500 Video sharing
10. Sina Weibo 465 Microblogging
11. Twitter 330 News, social networking service
12. Reddit 330 Social news
media aggregation
13. Baidu Tieba 320 Bulletin Board Service
14 LinkedIn 310 Social networking service
15. SnapChat 294 Photo sharing Instant messaging Video chat Multimedia
16. Pinterest 265 Visual discovery, collection, and storage tool
17. Viber 260 Instant messaging client, VoIP
18. Discord 250 VoIP communications, instant messaging, Videoconferences, content delivery, and social media

Similar to that, Statista is a German internet statistics resource. As a result, Statista provides data in English, French, German, and Spanish that are gathered by market and opinion research organizations, obtained from the economic sector, and official statistics. Thus, one of the most effective statistics databases in the world is Statista.

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In conclusion, a social network is a website or piece of software. As a result, the website or software program enables registered users with like interests to connect and pursue those interests. Also, registered users have access to group chat, information sharing, photo and video sharing, and more. Platforms enable people develop their relationships, businesses, and even find new opportunities. So, it is crucial for someone who wants to use social media to understand the kind of social network that will best serve his goals for joining the online social group.

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