Does an overdraft affect your credit score

Does an overdraft affect credit score

Most current accounts come with the offer of an overdraft attached, but you have to be careful because this debt can affect your credit score negatively.

Around 14 million people use an unarranged overdraft each time in the UK according to the FCA, while one in ten live permanently in the red. Let’s quickly dive into what’s an overdraft and all you need to know about an overdraft.

What is an overdraft?

An overdraft lets you adopt plutocrat from your current account. It happens when payments go above your bank balance. So if you have £75 in your account and a bill goes out for £100, you’ll cock into a £25 overdraft.

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With an overdraft, you’re spending the bank’s plutocrat rather than your own and you generally have to pay interest for the honor.

Does an Overdraft Appear On My Credit Report?

Yes. Credit reports track how you deal with debts similar to overdrafts. They help implicit new lenders decide if you’re likely to be a responsible client for products similar to mortgages.

Your credit standing will also affect the decision __ if you’re applying for a loan or credit card, interest rate you’re offered, size of the credit limit, whether you’re accepted for a loan at all. Your bank or structured society will tell the credit- reference agencies each month whether you have used your overdraft – and if so, how important you have espoused.

Learn further about to know the different types of overdraft and how it affects your credit.

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Difference between Authorized and Unauthorized Overdrafts

An authorized overdraft is exactly what it says on the drum bone that has been agreed with your bank or structure society up to a certain quantum. This is known as your “Overdraft limit”.

With an unauthorized overdraft, either your balance dips below zero without that previous arrangement, or you adopt further than your agreed overdraft limit. An unauthorized overdraft is likely to be more dangerous to your credit score than an arranged one.

Does applying for an overdraft affect credit score?

The bank or structured society will look closely at your credit history ( known as a “ hard hunt”) to see if you’re a good bet as a borrower, If you apply for a current account that comes with an overdraft. A hard hunt will be noted on your credit report and can be seen by other lenders too.

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Lenders may come over all Sherlock Holmes, viewing several hard quests in a short space of time as a sign that you have fiscal difficulties. This is because they see it as a sign that you suddenly need to adopt lots of plutocrats or your operations are being turned down.

A hard hunt could thus affect your credit score, dipping many points for some months.

How Overdraft Affects Your Credit Rating

Borrowing will affect your credit standing, in that your credit report touts over each of your relaxed loans. So it’s not just overdrafts but also debts similar to credit card balances and particular loans.

Still, with a whacking great overdraft on top of a mountain of other debt, you could start losing points from your credit score, if you owe a lot of plutocrat compared to your income.

How you manage your overdraft is what’s really important. It could actually be an occasion to prove that you’re a responsible borrower.

Good Borrowing

Still, keep the quantum down and don’t have any payments refused, it will have a positive impact on your credit score, If you keep within your agreed overdraft limit.

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Bad Borrowing

In discrepancy, if you transgress over your overdraft limit, use an unauthorized overdraft constantly or have cheques or direct disbenefits refused, these could each damage your credit standing.

Does Adding Your Overdraft Affect Your Credit Score?

Your bank or structured society may carry out another hard hunt of your credit report, if you apply for a bigger overdraft. Again, this could affect your credit score by dipping a lot of points for many months.

Using further of your overdraft will push up your total debts and could thus push down your credit standing. Suppose your overdraft is a limit, not a target. However, it’s far better for your credit standing if you arrange a larger overdraft with your bank, rather than going over a lower limit without asking them.

Does Reducing Your Overdraft Affect Your Credit Standing?

In general, the lower your borrowing, the better. Lenders also prefer to see a trend towards adopting lower rather than further. So reducing your overdraft should help make your credit score better.

How to get relieve of an overdraft

Here are four steps to take and relieve yourself of that overdraft

  1. Still, start by working out where your plutocrat disappears, if you’re keen to gutter the stress and expenditure of your overdraft.
  2. See if there are easy costs you could cut, like the flat whites, lunches out and the subscriptions – that was how Favor cleared her overdraft in six months.
  3. Check if you could switch your ménage bills to more deals, and channel any redundant cash towards paying down your overdraft.
  4. Still, consider switching your debt nearly less precious, similar to using a plutocrat-transfer credit card with an interest-free offer, if your overdraft is a more patient problem.

That way, you might find it easier to clear the debt, while lower interest is erecting up.

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Frequently asked Questions

1. Does a pupil overdraft affect your credit score?

Yes. Banks and erecting societies may offer temptingly large interest-free overdrafts to scholars, but they aren’t viewed anywhere else on a credit report.

2. Does having an overdraft affect the chance of getting a mortgage?

When you apply for a mortgage, lenders will check your income, charges, and your credit record. They do this to see if you’re a dependable borrower who’s likely to keep up the disbursements.

A lender may suspect you’re floundering to manage your plutocrat, if you have a large and adding overdraft or regularly go over your limit.

This may stop you from securing a mortgage. So suppose about paying down relaxed debts, including overdrafts, in the six months before applying for a mortgage. Shrinking your overdraft could assist toward nailing a loan to your new home.

3. Should I keep my overdraft protection?

You might consider concluding out of overdraft protection, if you tend to constantly overdo your bank account and are paying a lot of plutocrat in overdraft freights every month.

Just know that this means if you try to make a purchase with your disbenefit card and do not have the finances available in your account, the sale will be declined.

Yes, this could mean a little embarrassment at the checkout counter, but it’ll keep you from incurring precious overdraft freights.

A better result may be to link a savings regard to your checking account as a form of overdraft protection. In this case, if you have inadequate finances in your checking account when you go to make a purchase, the quantum will be pulled from the linked account.

You will not be declined, but your bank will probably still charge you a figure — however a much lower bone than on an overdraft not connected with a savings regard.


Overdrafts aren’t always automatically enabled, but this differs between banks. However, or commodity also disturbing, you might want to ask your bank whether overdraft protection is part of your checking account package, If you want to avoid having your payments rejected in a store.

If you’re finical about spending and borrowing, you might just do forfeiture without. What’s more, chances are, your bank might offer you all kinds of fiscal options-lending or else-as they would consider the threat further than respectable.

The last thing you should ever do is adopt plutocrat from any fiscal institution unnecessarily, and an overdraft is still a form of debt, indeed if it doesn’t reflect on your credit score. To help you discern whether you need one, then are some cases where overdrafts can make sense.

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