Best homeowners Insurance in Kirkland, Washington

Home Insurance In Kirkland, Washington

Owning a home is a dream come through for many and I guess for you too. You have made a huge investment in real estate by purchasing a home in Kirkland, WA. It is in your best interest that you register for the homeowners insurance policy.

Homeowners’ insurance protection is very important and necessary when owning a home because you would like to secure one of your most valued investments and treasure.

In this article, we have made a list of the best homeowners insurance and the average cost of homeowners insurance policy in Kirkland.

A homeowners insurance policy is a form of property insurance that covers financial losses in the case of damages, or destruction to an individual’s house and assets in the home.

This insurance policy usually covers exterior and interior damage, loss or destruction of personal assets, and injury that arises while on the property.

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The cost of replacing these items regardless of the causative agent can be very expensive, why spend from your savings when you can use your homeowners’ insurance coverage to pay for these

Looking for Home Insurance in Washington?

Having homeowners insurance, or home insurance, guarantees you are compensated for losses or damages
to your home and your possessions inside it. Purchasing a homeowners policy provides added protection for
your real estate investment.

Home insurance also protects you if you’re found to be responsible for a person’s accident on your property. It also provides coverage for financial losses caused by storms, fire, theft, and other events outlined in your

Sit tight as we walk you through the best homeowners insurance in Kirkland, Washington.

Best Home Insurance In Kirkland, WA.

We accessed 50 homeowners insurance agencies in Kirkland, WA, and picked the top 10. Here are our picks:

1. Pacific Northwest Insurance

  • Multiple policies

Pacific Northwest Insurance is an insurance company that operates in Kirkland, it helps residents and business owners choose the right insurance plan that suits their needs.

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They have many homeowners insurance policies that you can choose from even for home renters in Kirkland, WA to enable them to secure the properties in their homes against financial losses.

Location: 5612 Lake Washington Blvd NE #100c, Kirkland, WA 98033, USA.

(425) 828-7877

2. AYAO Insurance

  • Multiple policies

AYAO Insurance is an insurance company that operates in Kirkland. It provides homeowners’ coverage for
unexpected property damage and subsequent repair and replacement costs.

This covers the house itself and other areas like the backyard, roof, and chimneys. The company determines each client’s coverage limit by looking into the property’s features like its age, square feet, and the number of rooms.

It also reimburses any damage to the personal belongings of owners like sports equipment, clothes, and electronic devices.

Location: 12700 NE 124th St #9 Kirkland, WA 98034, USA.

(425) 822-1212

3. Best Insurance Services

  • Multiple policy types
  • Earthquake
  •  Flood
  •  Condos

Best Insurance Services LLC is a full- service insurance company that serves residents and business owners in Kirkland and nearby areas. The firm assists individuals and families to select the right homeowners insurance policy that best suits their needs.

Its independent agents handle several types of coverage options from 15 insurance carriers, including the dwelling structure, personal possessions, additional living expenses, and liability to others. Other offerings include all types of personal and business insurance plans.

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Location: 12509 130th Lane Northeast, Kirkland, WA 98034, USA.


(866) 497-5506

4. Choice Insurance, LLC

  •  Multiple Policy Types
  • Personal Property Insurance

CHOICE Insurance, LLC, is an agency that helps Kirkland area residents determine policies that best suit their properties. The firm offers assistance. in securing home insurance coverage from a range of carriers including Safeco, MetLife, Progressive, and PEMCO.

CHOICE Insurance also offers bundling services for auto and home insurance policies. The firm has been in the insurance business since 1986 and provides personal and commercial insurance services as well as consulting and retirement planning support.

Location: 1715 Market Street, Suite 100, Kirkland, WA 98033, USA.

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(425) 739-6565

5. First Rate Insurance Plus

  • Multiple Policy Types
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Condos

First Rate Insurance Plus is an agency based in Kirkland that offers services focused on helping homeowners obtain financial security for their properties.

The firm works to ensure compensation for property-related losses brought by factors such as fire, theft, and storms.

First Rate Insurance Plus also helps clients identify policies that fit their needs for additional living expenses, liabilities, and medical payments. The agency works with over 20 insurance carriers and also offers support for commercial insurance.

Location: 820 Market Street, Kirkland, WA 98033, USA.


(425) 821-1000

6. Katie Kelly – State Farm Insurance Agent

  • Condos
  • Renter’s Insurance

Katie Kelly, a State Farm insurance agent since 2011, insures homeowners to protect their assets in Kirkland and the surrounding communities.

State Farm is a homeowners’ insurance agency with basic policies that cover the client’s home and other structures in the property, including the personal property kept inside the building.

In the event that a client’s home is damaged by an accident covered by the policy, the client also receives provisions for living expenses while the house is being repaired.

Location: 951 6th Street South Kirkland, WA 98033, USA.


(425) 827-2138

7. Tim Bishop – Farmer’s Insurance Agent

  • Multiple policies
  •  Renter’s Insurance

Tim Bishop, an Farmer’s insurance agent since 1992 has been in the business of helping homeowners in Kirkland, WA secure their homes and other properties against losses and damages for over 29 years now.

Location: 31211th Ave W Ste 202 Kirkland, WA 98033, USA

(425) 822-2067

8. John Cysewski- Allstate Insurance Agent

  • Multiple policies

John Cysewski, an Allstate Insurance agent helps provide protection for your house (dwelling) and your family’s liability as well as the things you own in and around your home such as “other structures” (detached garage, fence, etc.), your personal property (furniture, clothing, etc.) against perils that are covered in the home insurance policy such as fire, theft, wind/hail and more.

Location: 11416 slater Ave NE, Ste 201 Kirkland, WA 98033, USA.

(425) 889-8500

9. Lee Insurance Services, Inc.

  • Multiple Policy Types

Lee Insurance Services, Inc. is an independent insurance agency serving the residents of Kirkland. This firm works with multiple insurance providers, including CBIC, Banner Life, and Foremost, to provide an array of insurance solutions to clients.

Its insurance agents carry homeowners’ insurance products that provide coverage options to owners of condominiums, apartments, and homes.

Home insurance policyholders receive financial compensation for losses from vandalism, theft, fire, smoke, and other covered events. They also receive guidance in determining appropriate coverage types.

Location: 11410 98th Avenue Northeast, Kirkland, WA 98033, USA.

(425) 576-0464

10. Soleyon Insurance Partners, Inc.

  •  Multiple Policy Types

Based in Kirkland, Soleyon Insurance Partners, Inc., is an agency that offers services to help clients financially protect their homes in case of disaster. The firm works to help homeowners secure coverage for costs associated with the replacement of properties and personal possessions.

Soleyon Insurance Partners also assists clients in determining suitable coverage types and fulfilling insurance requirements for mortgage loans. The agency was founded in 2005 and additionally handles business, vehicle, and life insurance.

Location: 5400 Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA 98033, USA.

(877) 828-4132

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Average Cost of Home Insurance In Kirkland, WA by Home Value

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Home Insurance In Kirkland, WA as a % of Housing Cost

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Home Insurance In Kirkland, WA Costs With Home Replacement Value Scenarios

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Cost of Homeowners Insurance by Street in Kirkland,WA





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