Agricultural Immigrant Workers in Canada Get $1,500 From Government

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of agricultural labourers are still entering Canada. Before they can resume work, their employers must place them in a 14-day quarantine. The money for these personnel is provided by the Canadian government to help defray some of the expenses related to this inconvenience. These immigrant farmers’ employees will each receive $1,500, which they may use to pay their salaries or cover the cost of housing during their 14-day quarantine.

Agricultural Immigrant Workers in Canada Get $1,500 From Government

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To assist curb the spread of COVID-19, these immigrant employees must be confined for a period of 14 days. Since the agricultural minister revealed this fresh government assistance, they do not need to worry about a place to live or a job. The $50 million federal assistance for these immigrant workers was announced by Marie-Claude Bibeau, Canada’s minister of agriculture. This will assist Canadian agricultural businesses in maintaining the health and employment of their workforce.

I’m quite pleased of our country’s robust and adaptable food system, added Bibeau. “Step by step, we are providing the resources our farmers and food processors need to carry out their essential work.”

Every year, some 60,000 foreign workers arrive to work on farms. The Canadian economy would not be able to endure this pandemic if all entry by these foreign employees was prohibited.

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To stop the Coronavirus from spreading, many measures are being taken, including:

– Checking for any symptoms before departing their home nations

– Checking for any symptoms at the airport in Canada

– A 14-day self-quarantine requirement before employment

Come to Canada as an Agri-Professional Immediately

It is anticipated that farmers and producers won’t be able to find all the employees they require this year due to several other countries restricting travel into and out of their countries.

Thus, Canada is seeking overseas agricultural employees! These employees will probably get $1,500 for the 14-day quarantine period.